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There is a standing theory that all people are gadget buffs, just not all of them know it. Gadgets are fun, they make us look awesome and voila! Like magic they make our tiny everyday problems disappear into thin air. We all love to have that easier way of doing any and everything, and gadgets have always been there since the early ages to make our lives run smoother without the minor annoyances of a intractable tiny problems.  If you are about to trash out for your new Gadget wardrobe, here are 10 of the coolest gadgets you could buy on Amazon.






We rarely have time for the tiniest mundane things these days in our breakneck speed commute through our work lives. Every second in precious and as such anything that will help cut our intermittent downtimes during our day is a welcome development. 

The Minipresso is cool looking compact and portable espresso machine. If offers you complete flexibility by having your next espresso shot just a few steps away wherever you might be. This super cool gadget can be especially useful for people who are constantly traveling such as digital nomads. This mini coffee maker is priced at around $50

Elgato Game Capture HD60

Don’t we all wish we could show off those impossible stunts that we only seem to be capable of when we are playing our games alone? No matter how much you try to tell your mates about how kickass you can be on your favorite Xbox, PlayStation 4 or Nintendo game they just won’t believe a word you say. 

Now all that is in the past as you now have an awesome gadget that will stand as your witness and show your gaming rivals just how crazy your skills can be when you concentrate. The Elgato Game Capture HD 60 is an awesome gadget you could by on Amazon for $154 which will capture every single frame of gameplay you do. It will record all your games notwithstanding the platform in spotless 1080 HD resolution. It easy to use, as you just need to plug it into your console with a USB or HDMI cable.


Might Mug Biggie

Sometimes we can’t help being clumsy around our food or drink especially when we are heavily distracted with work. Whether at home where the kids might fumble over your drink the moment you take your eyes off it, or at the office where you tip it over unwittingly when trying to grab a piece of paper that’s lying under it. With the Might Mug Biggie all your fumbling and tipping-over nightmares will be at an end. This awesome mug has a smart grip technology that lets it hold steadfast against minor pushes but allows you to perfectly lift off your drink when you need it. It sells for just under $21


Infuser Water Bottle

This is definitely one of the coolest gadgets you can buy and comes at a very affordable $12.95. Whether at home or out jogging, this great infuser will make sure you stay hydrated with your fresh and flavored water supply. It has a great design with a grip pattern that will ensure it never slips from your hands, and you can choose it as a great affordable gift option that your loved ones will greatly appreciate.


Want to make breakfast an eagerly awaited meal for the kids before they head off to school? Then what you just need is the all new PancakeBot that will shape the kid’s or even your morning meal into their favorite superhero. With PancakeBot breakfasts will now have an added fun part it, as your kids might even enjoy munching on their worst villain and vanquishing them to their stomachs!

ICE Harmony Floating Bluetooth Speaker

If you are looking to wow your guests and friends with something totally cool and impossible looking, then this awesome floating Bluetooth speakers is the gadget you are looking for. The oval shape orb top of the speaker once activated will illuminate and levitate just above the round base it sat on. You can then channel your favorite mesmeric songs to add to the surreal atmosphere, and completely dazzle your friends. This is one of the coolest gadgets your money can buy you on Amazon and it is worth every cent of the $120.65 you will thresh out on it.



Sometimes the best way to get the kids under control is to get them that which will completely keep them busy and having a lot of fun while at it. The Cozmo is an epic compact size self-aware robot that will interact with your kids and keep them off your neck when you want to have a quiet time. It is equipped with cutting edge sensor to allow it detect where the kids are and keep them  busy playing games or let it explore your house from its own perspective. Cozmo is definitely one that will last long as its minute frame belies its gritty and durable build which is why you won’t budge on paying $170.99 on it.

Anker PowerCore and Lipstick Charger

This is a sexy looking gadget that will let you carry around your phone power back and charge it while no one even notices. It has a lipstick shape and sized charger that you can plug your phone in, and it typically charges your phone to full within 2 hours




EatSmart Precision Digital Scale

Have you been a victim of the awfully inaccurate analog scales of old that adds you pounds on your actual weight? Then fear no more as this smart futuristic looking digital scale that will give you the exact same readings no matter how much you retry.  

Remodeez Shoe Charcoal Inserts

If you are tired of smelly workout shoes that get worse every time they soak in your sweat, these new functional shoe inserts are about to take all that pain away. This awesome innovation is a natural way of not just doing away with bad odor, it also takes away every moisture in your shoe, keeping your snickers prime for use for your next workout.


Do you think these gadgets are cool? I certainly do! Do not forget to take a look at our store to buy these cool gadgets!




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